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Nevada Coin Mart not only buys your silver, gold, diamonds, coins and so much more, but also gives back to the community! Help them and Operation Fire HEAT replace Christmas toys that children lose during catastrophic fires during the holiday season! You could make all the difference in a child’s life by donating.

Local Fire Department Charity to Provide Christmas For A Family That Lost Everything In A Catastrophic Fire And 35 Children In The Hospital

LAS VEGAS, NV (December 20, 2015) – On Monday, December 21, 2015, along with Santa, Sparky the Fire Dog and firefighters from Las Vegas Fire Rescue and North Las Vegas Fire Department, Operation FireH.E.A.T. (Holiday Emergency Assistance Team) will be making sure many children have Christmas presents.

The first stop of the day will include Santa, Sparky and Las Vegas Fire Rescue firefighters at will be at 9:00am at CareMeridian Pediatric Subacture Care at 7690 Carmen Blvd (off N Buffalo Dr between W Washington Ave and Vegas Dr). Visits from Santa, Sparky and LVFR firefighters will also include Christmas toys for the children. CareMeridian is 35 bed specialized skilled care center that focuses on children of all ages with congenital conditions, brain and spinal cord injuries, and medically complex illnesses.

Also with the help of Santa and Sparky, and along with with North Las Vegas firefighters, the second stop will be to provide Christmas for a family of six who lost everything when their house at 3108 Blush Noisette Ave (North Las Vegas) caught fire December 3, 2014. The Ramos family consists of Maria, her four sons and one daughter: 15 year old Angel, 9 year old Christian, 7 year old Julian, 5 year old Jasleen and 4 year old Diego. The Holiday Emergency Assistance Team has already taken the family shopping for basic necessities including toiletries, clothing, blankets, towels, food, etc (picture attached). At 11:30am, Operation FireH.E.A.T. and firefighters that fought that fire, will revisit the Ramos’ and ensure the children have a great Christmas.

As always, the media is invited to attend either or both deliveries. For CareMeridian, we will be meeting at Fire Station 42, 7331 W Cheyenne Ave (just west of N Tenaya Way) to load the Santa and Sparky on to fire engine. We will leave at approximately 8:50am to arrive at CareMeridian at 9:00am.

For the Ramos family delivery, we will be meeting at 11:00am at North Las Vegas Fire Station 51, 2626 E Carey Ave (at Daley St, just east of N Las Vegas Blvd) to load Santa, Sparky and presents onto the fire engine and then deliver to the family’s temporary apartment at Desert Rose Apartments, 29 N 28th St #11E (just north of E Charleston Blvd). At approximately 11:15am, we will depart the fire station and proceed to the family’s apartment, arriving at approximately 11:30am.

Operation FireH.E.A.T. is an IRS approved 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that was started by 9-1-1 Fire Dispatchers in Las Vegas’ Fire Alarm Office. The primary mission of the Holiday Emergency Assistance Team is to replace Christmas for children that lose their Christmas due to a catastrophic fire during the holidays. This will be the eighth year Fire Dispatchers team up with firefighters to provide this aid to children.

There are many upcoming Christmas deliveries. Information will be released of those deliveries closer to the delivery dates. The Holiday Emergency Assistance Team provides this assistance from December 1st through January 15th.

If you would like to help out, get more detailed information, or see previous success stories, please visit their website: , find them on Facebook at , e-mail or call (702)518-5585. Tax deductible donations are accepted on the website.

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